JMG SteelWorks

​Craftsman Knives & Razors. Handmade. With No Compromise. 

Why Handmade?

When I started this business I was approached by a lot of people about how to go about building the company, making the business, and creating the knives. A lot of folks suggested that I just make a pattern and send that off to a manufacturer or CnC shop and have 60,000 blanks popped out! They told me it would be more efficient! Save money! Save time!

Sure, it makes sense. I could sell hundreds of thousands and my labor would be minimal. Profit would be high. My time spent creating each blade would be short….

But for me, I would be failing not only myself but my idea of what it is I'm trying to do with this business. With this passion. For me, to hand make something means that one is putting their heart into it. When you hand make a thing you’re putting all of your efforts toward that one finished cause. All of your attention and energy are focused into that thing. Handmade means that it is a craftsman thing, that was built to last. That within the knife that I am hard at work making I have not chosen to put planned obsolescence into it. For me, to hand make something means I am creating a blade with a conscious decision about every single thing I am doing to fashion that piece. I meticulously go over every angle. Check and double check.

With each one of my knives I complete, rest assured it has spent hours upon hours in my hands and under my gaze. I don't pop knives out at 1000 a day. I can't even hope to create 1000 in a year. For me, the long creation process is a labor of love and dedication. Every knife I make is at a minimum, 20 hours of my time to create. Most go far beyond that, as the craftsman in me demands that I do my best. Sometimes, my best will mean a longer and more focused effort.  I’m good with that.

For me it is my privilege to be The Maker. I am grateful that I'm able to do this.  So it is the only way that I could truly allow for my expressions as an artist to be seen, is through the handmade process.  Giving each knife it’s unique touch, it’s unique soul, it’s one-of-a-kind-ness. It is by doing this with my own hands that allows me to express my creativity in my art.

I create all of my knives by hand not because it's easy. Not because it's the fastest way. And certainly not because it's the cheapest way! But because for me it is the absolute best way, and in the end, for me, it is the only way.

I believe that a chef's knife is a tool of culinary mastery. A chef’s knife is elegant, and durable, and functional, and it is a pure tool that can be crafted to perfection. It is made to do a job, and when it is from my hands, it will do so, looking damn good as well.

John Glueck

The Maker