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Trust Issues.

So much in life boils down to simple trust. The trust one places on their friends. Trust between partners in life and business. The trust that you place into your shoes for not falling apart when you first wear them. All of these things have the single common denominator of trust. How trust is gained, is a simple yet profound connection that all people have in common.  For example, the company that made those shoes had to build that trust. And how they did it, is important for me. Trust it seems is all around us. Some earn it, some lose it, and others should never have had it in the first place.

At the Steel Works I find that trust is of the utmost importance. It is the trust that my commissions and customers place in me that make me either a success or a complete failure. That kind of trust is always earned. It comes from the trust that I place in myself. In my workmanship. In my ability to make the very best knives I possibly can, every time, all the time. 

In that, I have absolute trust.

So much so in fact you can clearly see it in the warranty that I've placed on every piece that I make.

My warranty is simple, as most good things are. I will replace or fix for free of charge any and all defects in manufacturer and/or materials for the life of the blade. It doesn't matter if the blade has changed ownership 300 times. If the blade still exists, then it is still under warranty. Always. Forever.

This is because I'm not going to hand over anything that I cannot personally trust. And my own personal motto has been, “Trust No One.” Which for me, that means it takes a lot to earn my trust. So everything I make, I make with the kind of trust that allows me to give this kind of warranty.

But I'm not done there.

You see I take it a step further, like I always do.

If you buy one of my knives and purposefully break it, I mean put in a vice and start wanging on it with a hammer. Then bend it in half and snap the blade on purpose, I'll replace it. I will charge you half of what that blade currently retails for, and I will give you a new one.

That's right. Purposely destroy one of my blades and I will give you another one for half off.

That's more than just standing behind someone's workmanship. That's throwing it in your face with both middle fingers in the air and giving zero fucks about industry standard warranties. Because I am not an industry standard, and I will not make industry standard knives.

And that, you can trust.

John Glueck

~The Maker