The Packaging Is Not Fancy

I had a vendor recently ask me if I was ever going to provide some fancy packaging with my razors and knives. Flatly, I told him, “No.”

The truth is, I will never provide any kind of fancy packaging. I won’t put any resources towards it, nor will I give it time of day. For me, it would be a waste of resources and, time and money.

“But packaging is what sells the product!” the Marketeers will tell me. “It’s so important to brand yourself!” or “Without it, how will you get noticed?”

I do not give one single care to that. And here is why.

I do not make fancy boxes. I do not craft flashy packaging. I do not spend countless days in front of a roaring forge, sweating to death, beating golden bars of glowing hot steel over an anvil for hours and hours on end, to just put it in a “fancy” box. What I do, is hand forge and craft some of the finest cutting steel in the world. Period.

To spend even a moment of my time trying to perfect the box my blades come in, is blasphemy to my craft. I am not a box maker. I am Bladesmith. And I am damn good at it. My focus and time and craftsmanship is dedicated to the making of the finest steel I possibly can. To spend my time on anything else, would be dishonest to my customers. My customers do not expect to have a really pretty box. They expect to receive a straight razor or knife that they can pass down, generation to generation, and that, that blade will flawlessly perform its job, long after I have left the earth. They expect to have the finest steel they will ever own. They expect a blade that is as perfect as I can make it.

A fancy box will not accommodate any of those things.

The only way to get that done, is to craft the best and finest steel I can. And to do that every day. Relentlessly. Day in and day out. You can only accomplish that through a devotion and focused effort that borderlines sheer madness.

So THAT, is what I do.

There are no fancy boxes here. Just amazing steel.

John M. Glueck

JMG SteelWorks

​Craftsman Knives & Razors. Handmade. With No Compromise.