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​Craftsman Knives & Razors. Handmade. With No Compromise. 

Take your blade from THIS:

After Machine Sharpening

Dull and Damaged Blade

The difference between machine sharpening, and hand sharpening is as obvious in the hand as it is under magnification! 

Pricing for Services:


Standard Kitchen/EDC/Tactical Stainless knives: $20.00

High Carbon Steel Knives: $20.00
Custom/Exotic/High End: $25.00

Straight Razors / Kamisori
Straight Razors: $25.00

Kamisori: $25.00

Standard: $20.00
Thinning: $20.00

Performance of a JMG Steel Works Chef Knife

Book Your Drop Off/Pick Up Appointment Now!

Book your Drop Off/Pick Up Appointment Now!


Or Email: Sales@jmgsteelworks

Or Email: Sales@jmgsteelworks

“I always give full disclosure about work to be performed on a piece before it is ever touched, striving to remove as little steel as possible, you can rest assured that your cherished blade is in the very best of hands.”

~John Glueck

After Hand Sharpening

Professional Bladesmith John Glueck, is Sacramento's only full time bladesmith that provides whetstone sharpening services, done by hand, to Bladesmith perfection. With trained skills and patience your blade will be sharpened to a degree unmatched by any other sharpening service.

Sharpening is completed by hand on Japanese whetstones. This will provide an edge that goes beyond what any factory can deliver, and also removes the least amount of material possible to gain the sharpest edge your blade steel can achieve.  

Don't hand your blade over to a grinder!

Trust Sacramento's only full time Bladesmith to give your knife, sheers, or straight razor a

Wicked Edge!!