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Giving one relief from the bland world of factory pop knives......

For me one of the most joyous things I get to do being a handmade knife maker is produce knives that are unique and different from a world overrun with boring factory pop knives.

I have no engineering group or bean counters slaving away to squeeze every possible existing penny out of every knife design, ensuring that the manufacturing process is more efficient, cheaper, and faster. In fact it's just me, and me alone handcrafting every single blade. And to be honest I don't have much interest in squeezing every single penny of profit out of every single blade. What is important to me is to create something that to my eye is both beautiful and completely functional. I want to make artwork for the chef. Art for the kitchen. I want to create complementary beauty to the culinary craftsman’s dish as they prepare it. And I want to do it with style!

So I have been fortunate enough to find myself in a space that allows for me to tap into my creative spirit and make something that is in one part a perfectly functioning tool and in other parts an utter beauty to be seen.

The world of the factory pop knife began with the industrialized revolution. Which in itself is not a bad thing. This revolution has brought about the quality of life that we get to experience today which has never before been seen in all of human history. It has increased productivity, it has increased profits, it has increased everybody's everyday ability to have all of the goods, and tools, and means of living that make life easy that they want.
But all of this comes at a cost in a few areas. High production and low costs make for cookie-cutter products. As a craftsman in my field, it makes me shudder a bit when thinking about the bland landscape of knives before me.

I'm proud of the fact that for me, the making of a blade has almost nothing to do with production throughput or reduction of costs of goods consumed. For me it is creating something to the very best of my ability and if that takes a little extra time and if that costs a little extra money than that's just the way I’ll have to do it. Easy peasy.

No two of my blades will ever be identical. They simply can't. Each one hand formed and crafted with the tiny elements of human difference that are in my hands. And I find myself forever lucky that I am in a profession and trade that allows me so much latitude in the creation of my goods.

I hope that each and every customer who chooses to own one of my blades finds appreciation in the fact that theirs will be the only one of its kind, and I will have crafted it to the unique desires of its owner for it to be passed down, generation after generation, as not only a blade made with my style of craftsmanship, but with the signature of the fingerprints of the one who ordered it in the first place.

A gentle relief from the world of cookie cutter factory popped knives.

John Glueck

The Maker