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It Either Cuts, Or It Does Not Cut.

Always, I am searching to improve my craft. I have found that one of the very best ways to do this is to put my knives into the hands of absolute cutting experts. Those that have to hold knives every day for hours upon hours, cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, and basically doing all the things that a knife must do all day every day. These wonderful men and women we shall call chefs. And of their breed there is a particular chef that demands some of the highest quality cuts.

It is, the Sushi Chef.

There is a reason that knives are specifically made just for sushi cutting. It requires an unparalleled edge. And that edge has to stay sharp for a ridiculously long time. Sushi Chefs purchase sushi knives because nothing else will do. Simple as that.

So if I want to perfect my edge, then putting my knife in the hands of Sushi Chefs, really good Sushi Chefs, is worth more to me than making 1000 blades that may sell well, but don’t have edge that I should be putting on them. I can make 1000 crappy blades all day long. And I could sell them, too. (The sheer amount of crappy blades out there boggles the mind.) However, my purpose is not to make 1000 shitty knives. My purpose is to make a few really, really damn good ones. And then for the next hundred to be even better. And so forth and so on. My goal is to become simply, one of the very best Bladesmiths in the world.

And in that, I found an opportunity recently to put my knives in the hands of one such Sushi Chef. And what he said to me when I asked him if he would mind doing this for me, sealed the deal in that I would do damn near anything to get my knife into his hands.

He said to me, “I don't know how much help I can really offer you. A knife either cuts, or does not cut. All I can tell you is if it does, or if it does not.”

His sentiment is perfect to his Japanese heritage and culture. It either works or it does not work. Simplicity.

I guarantee you though, that if I put the very sharpest Wal-Mart knife into his hands he would hand it back to me and simply say, “It does not cut.” You see he is a Sushi Chef. A damn good sushi chef. And his idea of a knife that cuts puts most knives to absolute shame. In his hands, if he says that it cuts, you better damn well believe it can cut!

Hell, if I could talk him into it I would have him be my final quality control for every single blade I make! I think the shipping would get outrageous though…..

Enough of the maker's musings for today though, I'm off to make a knife that can cut.

John M. Glueck

The Maker