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Every Step Counts

If you plan to create things that will be exceptional, EVERY step counts.

Today, I was spending my time sanding down some cocobolo wood scales. Now, this part of the razor making process is often the “fast” bit. This is where the Bladesmith frequently outsources, or finds the quick way around. You see, this is not doing what holds the Bladesmiths passion. That would be working steel. The forging, grinding, sanding, honing. These are the reasons Bladesmiths become Bladesmiths. But the woodwork required to make exceptional scales? That is a tougher sell.

But there is a problem with skipping over part of the building process. You see, every step counts.

If you are trying to make anything that is going to be exceptional, that is going to looked at, and in that looking be recognized as an example of mastery for its discipline, then every damn step counts. You can’t half ass anything.  All of it is important. That is part of how you make it exceptional.

So, the next time you are in process of doing your do, and decide to skip a step, or not give part of the thing all of the effort that it deserves, remember, that you robbing yourself of what could have been, exceptional.

John M. Glueck