Always carry a knife

A simple and easy practice, really. Always carry a knife. Not because you are some bad ass G.I. Joe with a giant serrated bowie, “personal carry,” but because having the right, “everyday carry” is worth its weight in gold.

I always have a knife on me. Always. And you should too. (With exception to the places that it is illegal for such. Like flying, or courthouses and the like.)

This is because there are a million different ways that a blade can come in handy in everyday life. Aside from the obvious, which is having something sharp when you need something cut. Keeping an everyday carry on you is a way to ensure that you are at the ready, for whatever little things life might throw at you. Some of my fun examples are as follows:

Bought wonderful gift for a friend. Forgot to pull the sticker price tag off. Notices just before giving it to him. Whipped out the knife, scratched off the sticker in no time flat. Yay daily carry!

Left concert event to go to fun second location. Saw smoking hot gal at second location with same wrist band from the concert I was at. Walked up to her and offered to cut off wrist band. Got new girlfriend.

Buy lotto scratcher. Wish for the BIG ONE! Scratch off with every day carry blade. Tuck  broken dreams back into the little box you keep them in so you can go on with your day.

Car accident in front of me. Not a good ending for one vehicle. Door lodged shut. Growing fire. Driver can’t get out. Butt of the knife breaks window. Cut off seat belt. Save drivers life.

Stupid plastic shell packaging. Nothing else needs to be said there.

The reasons are endless. You will be a better prepared, and dare I say a smarter person for having an everyday carry on you.

Hell, you might even win the lotto….

John M. Glueck
The Maker

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