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​Craftsman Knives & Razors. Handmade. With No Compromise. 

What do my customers have to say?

James T. – “They told me that a good knife maker does not make a good razor maker. They were wrong.”

Mark G. – “John, used the Spanish Point razor today, and it just became my favorite razor. The look, weight and feel are like no other. I have been collecting razors for about four years now and have 14 total. Thanks again, and looking forward to many years using this razor."

Alex C. -  “Received this razor yesterday from John Glueck of JMG Steelworks, based in Sacramento, CA. Just had to try it for the first time today. I ordered this from John some time ago from his range of western style razors (he also makes knives and Japanese style razors). As well as being very well balanced and comfortable in the hand, it felt very 'natural' guiding it around the various bumps and hollows of my face. It's a little shorter overall than my Ralf Aust - 140mm compared to 145mm - but with only a few small changes in my (still novice) technique it felt both different from what I am used to and somehow very familiar. I had a three pass shave, mainly WTG and XTG, and it gave me the best shave yet with a straight. Very smooth and comfortable, good audible feedback (though obviously not as much as I get from the full hollow Aust). The added bonus is that it looks fantastic with the mirror polish and clear acrylic scales! I can't recommend this razor or John Glueck highly enough. Very happy."

Walter F. – “Package just arrived – WOW! Thank you!"

Craftsmanship. Without compromise. That is built to last.

I do not craft blades for everyone. My steel is tempered to be exceptionally hard, and is exclusively high carbon. This is done purposefully. This is done with intent. It means that my blades are performance driven. Created for their purpose in a single minded and focused manner that allows for the kind of edge that is unmatched by any factory produced steel in all the world.

JMG SteelWorks is a business devoted to the craftsmanship of high quality razors and knives. Each blade hand worked and individually made, I personally smith every single razor and knife that leaves my tiny work shop of less than 144 square feet.

I pride myself in building the very best razor or knife that my abilities can produce, and do this with every single blade, with no compromise to that quality. Ever.

Maximum production quantity is just three blades a week. This is to ensure that every blade receives the kind of quality attention and craftsmanship that I personally demand.

My  raw steel stock is purchased only from reputable mills and only if it meets my stringent standards. Each blade is individually made, one at a time, with the strictest attention to detail. From the initial design to final shaping of the scale, my skill and craftsmanship is seen and demonstrated through every single blade.

Normal Rockwell edge hardness for my blades is between 63 and 66 HRC. With my pure high carbon steel blades, I clay harden the steel with a differentially treated spine measuring out to 56 to 57 HRC. With my layered steel blades, (San Mai and Go Sō Hagane) I use mild steel jackets, or non-hardening stainless steel jackets to protect the hardened inner core high carbon steel. Providing an extremely strong edge, and very tough spine, my blades are both durable and hard, capable of holding razor edges for far longer than any factory built knife. My razors and knives can be sharpened to a finer edge than any mass produced blade could ever hope to achieve. In fact, there is no mass production system in the world that can produce the kind of quality steel that leaves my forge.

I am dedicated to making the finest steel you will ever own. And I am dedicated to building only razors and knives that can be passed down, that will continue to flawlessly do their job, long after I have left this earth.

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